Plans & Pricing

All plans start with a Free 15-day Trial.

Custom Plan

1 Billion ad requests


per month

  • 50M

  • 100M

  • 250M

  • 500M

  • 1000M

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25 Million ad requests


per month

Great for start-ups & small companies.

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10 Million ad requests


per month

For bloggers & personal websites.

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Included in all plans: free CDN usage, an SSL certificate and the option to white-label your ad serving domain.

No setup fees. No overage billing. No hidden/extra fees. No contracts.

Common Questions

...answered in a few lines

How long does it take?

Your trial will be ready in 30 seconds. Login details sent by email. No credit card needed. The trial lasts 15 days and can be converted into a paid license.

Is CDN usage included?

Yes. You can use AdGlare's CDN free of charge on any plan. Content delivery across 5 data centers worldwide. Unlimited bandwidth. No additional fees.

Can I white-label my ad server?

Yes. Add a CNAME DNS record and serve ads from your own domain. White-labeling is free of charge. No additional fees. Instructions.

What about SSL Certificates?

A free SSL certificate is offered on your standard ad serving domain from AdGlare. You can upload your own certificate if you have applied a white-label.

I need a GDPR-compliant ad server.

AdGlare is compliant by not processing or storing personal data at all (PII). There's a dedicated GDPR Settings page to apply this policy worldwide.

Does AdGlare write cookies?

No. AdGlare does not write cookies whatsoever. Not even for frequency capping, as alternative cookie-less methods were developed.

Is there an API?

Yes. You can use the API to pull statistical data to your own backend. Ideal to create custom reports. See the API Documentation.

Billing and cancellation?

Recurrent payments by credit card, 1 month upfront. Invoice PDFs automatically send by email. Cancel anytime before your monthly due date.

Which credit cards can I use?

All major cards: Mastercard, Visa, Amex, Diners Club, JCB and Discover. PayPal or bank transfers are not supported.

How do I receive updates?

Every now and then a new version of AdGlare is released. It will be automatically installed if you're on the stable release channel. Release Notes.

Can I propose new features?

We're open to discuss your suggestions, especially if they improve the software overall. Customization projects are free of charge, if accepted. Contact us.

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